The mission of the Nine Mile Creek Conservation Council (NMCCC) is to protect the watershed ecosystem associated with Nine Mile Creek in Syracuse, New York from degradation, and to support continued recovery of this area to realize its full potential value to the community. We are dedicated to promoting stewardship for this area in the local community, creating educational programs, recovering appropriate recreational use, caring for and monitoring this river and watershed area.

We actively participate in the following activities in our watershed:

As such, our accomplishments have been:

  • Worked with government to have the river corridor designated a NY State Dept. of Environmental Conservation "Critical Environmental Area", the first in Onondaga County
  • Took action in State Supreme Court to halt auction of watershed acreage resulting in perpetual preservation of 350 acres of forest-riparian buffer lands
  • Instituted the yearly stocking of trout into additional 4 miles of river
  • Created first water recreation trail (canoe & kayak) in Onondaga County
  • Work with State University of NY College of Environmental Science and Forestry to assist with gathering of scientific data
  • Implemented improved riparian zoning rules with local government
  • Inventoried wide variety of river and watershed resources within geographic area

So check out our pages here. Our watershed tour pages provide informative and interesting reading on the characteristics, natural resources, and history of the creek. The paddling, fishing and birding pages give maps and facts for outdoor recreationalists. But most importantly, use these pages to visit and enjoy Nine Mile creek, and see why we love it.

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